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Generally all Holden's are the same when it comes to headlining installs, only after the vl did it change to one section headlinings, they did not have rods/wires to install the headlinings.

We will go thru a very basic install of a headlining on a torana hatchback, all Holden's before 87 had rods/wires and where installed virtually all in the same way in that they used rods/wires.  To install a headlining you will need the rods/wires, they are also generally different sizes from front to back.

It it a good idea to number or change one rod at a time to ensure that each rod/wire is placed in the correct calico rod holder.

Holes for rods


Above show the holes in the turret/roof where the rods go thru, from one side of the roof to the other to hold the headlining.

Metal tabs


Metal tabs where the wires get clipped onto the brace all the way along, these are generally around the centre interior lights in all Holden's , where this brace is there are no holes on each end as the support that goes thru the headlining calico is a wire and not a metal rod.


Metal Rods

These are the Rods that slip thru the calico which is sewn onto the headlining when the headlining is being made, these rods have a bend at then end so it makes it almost impossible for it to fall out or move around once installed in the roof.

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